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Every one might say na ‘Di ka nagiisip’ na ‘Wait for God’s best’ na ‘Kasalanan mo yan kaya ka nasasaktan’ but I want to tell you that you’re brave. I’m proud of you and everything’s gonna be alright. You’re brave, not because you fought for him. Kundi dahil kinaya mo. Kinaya mo na umiyak magisa, kasi wala ka namang iiyakang iba kasi pag umiyak ka sa iba sasabihin lang nila na ‘Di ba sinabi ko naman sayo’ you’re brave kasi nagawa mo yung mga bagay na never mong naimagine na magagawa mo. I’m proud of ypu di dahil pinaglaban mo yung maling tao, di dahil sumuway ka sa church at sa magulang mo. I’m proud of you kasi, kinaya mo at kinakaya mo pa. I’m proud of the decisions you’ve made for yourself and for love. And lastly everything’s gonna be alright, di man ngayon bat soon. Wipe those tears and smile na. Hold on fighter, the love you’re giving will go back to you someday. Maybe not from the same person but someday it will go back. Just believe. Don’t be mad to him, or to anyone. It’s not his fault that he can’t give you the same love you’re giving, he deserve that love. Everyone does. And don’t be mad to the people who corrected you. Spread love, little fighter. Everything’s gonna be alright.

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