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I never thought this one will come. How could I know that you will mean so much to me? How could I not fall in love with those laughter’s and deep conversation we’ve shared? How could I not treasure those memories I think we could’ve had?

I admit it, I fell for you not even knowing that. But then, I remind myself that I can’t have you. I can’t have you in a way that we have differences in life. I can’t have you because of the distance. I can’t have you because I myself don’t even know how to have a man like you.

I fell for you so hard until I reach the point that I keep on daydreaming about “US”, and our perfect future life. And all the way along, I refused to believe that you will never be mine.

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We were two different worlds that could never make it. And even if I don’t know why our paths crossed, I am still glad I met you. Not because of you but because of the life lesson I learned while I was with you.

I’ve learned not to expect anything from people who’ve shown you the support, affection, and love. I’ve learned not to easily attached with someone whom I can’t have in the end. I’ve learned when to go away and I’ve learned to stand alone because in the end, I only have myself….

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