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I just want to let you know that loving me isn’t going to be easy.
I have flaws and imperfections, scars and bruises that has been left in me.
There are days that I’m in my worst mood where I don’t feel like being me.
If that happens– please don’t leave me, that’s the time where I’ll be needing you the most. I just want you to hold me tight and stay by my side, make me feel that being in your arms is like home that I don’t have to leave.

We’re gonna encounter a lot of things and struggles on our way to meeting each other.
Even if we’re still not together, I want us to grow individually, physically and emotionally.
I want us to enjoy both our seasons while we’re waiting for our paths to cross. By the time comes that we’re both ready to find each other, know that I’ll be waiting for you halfway.

Maybe we have met somewhere already or crossed paths before.
I love you even before our story was written. I’ll be waiting for you even if it takes forever, for I know that waiting for you would be the best thing of my life. I’m looking forward on meeting you one day, my future husband, my dream guy, my everything and most importantly, my home.

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