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I am waiting and serving. I have a lot of things to do. So, please do not come to me if you do not have a “go” signal from God for you will only awaken and distract me. You will only prolong our waiting.

Even though at times I am eager to know you right away, I am doing my best to control myself. I know that I have this tendency to mistakenly claim others as you. I may have given to them what I should give to you. I am withholding. I am doing the things God told me to do alone. I am waiting and I am serving, so please do the same.

I want to tell you that I love you enough to let go of you for now. I will set boundaries. I will set standards. I love you enough to preserve myself while it is not yet time. I cannot afford to give myself to you as long as there are things to be formed in me. Do not worry, when the time comes, God will bring you to me. I am already complete as a woman because I am already complete in Christ.

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I want to tell you that I love myself enough to not deprive myself from enjoying my season of singleness. I do not want to rob myself the privilege of being waited upon, of being pursued and being prayed for.

I want to tell you that I love God enough to obey Him. He has instructions for me to follow. He has promises for me to wait on. My body is His temple. My life is His. My singleness belongs to Him. I want to love Him first fully.

And I want to tell you that God loves us enough. This is why He put us in this process. He is sparing us. He does not want us to have a long list of prospects for a future spouse because He wants us to wait for each other and to be sure of each other. He loves us enough. This is why He will bring us together soon.

I am truly convinced that God loves me because when He was creating you, He was thinking of me. He has prepared the best for me. I am excited on meeting you, but not now.

Wait for me and I will do the same. See you when God says “go”.

Your future wife

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