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I met you at the wrong stage of your life. You weren’t ready to see me as a girl whom you can love. I am not your bet and I think I will never be regardless of how pretty I am to other people and how my personality jive with you. Haay… Why do I have to fall in love with a friend? Why do I have to keep falling in love with a guy who can never love me back?

I thought of forgetting you. I thought I was able to after you suddenly stopped talking to me frequently. I thought I’d never get jealous of people whom you get closer with after me. I thought I’d stop loving you after learning that you don’t feel the same way and I am only an option when you’re probably bored and none of your other friends or maybe that pretty girl you like is not responding. I thought I’d be so hurt to the point that I’d walk away and stop caring for you.

But I am wrong, my heart still keeps beating for you. I have been praying for you to be happy even though I am not going to be part of that happiness. It’s so weird that I am still praying on a daily basis that the Lord would provide His guidance and grace to keep you safe and sound. Whenever I hear that you got kind of sick, I’d pray for you to get healed. I am always praying that you find a lifetime partner who would complement your weaknesses and would take care of you. I know that’s not me but who cares, as long as you are happy. I am praying that you completely move on from your past and take courage to level up on your career. I am praying that you find motivation to live cheerfully and see God’s goodness in any way.

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Yeah, it is weird, odd, too good to be true, but I am still praying for the same guy who told me he thought we’re just sweet friends then ghosted me. I know one day I’d stop praying for these to happen because God has already granted my prayers for you. I know you’ll be fine and I wish you well.

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