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It has been months since we broke up.Yet, I am still here crying over you.How many times I told myself to move forward,
I still couldn’t do it.I am stuck up in the past where there will still you and me. Someone tried to fix me but I declined.
I don’t want him to be just a back up plan where when things wont go as they planned will leave suddenly. I felt envious with how she gives you happiness.
I could see it in your eyes and I can feel it. Your smile seems like you’ve won in a lottery.

I heard you got hired. I’m happy for you. I could still remember how we talked about it and your what ifs. I could also remember how we both prayed for it.
For the longest time of waiting and finally you got it. Your sacrifice paids off. I am happy that you are now slowly reaching your dreams, once also my dream.
I maybe not able to celebrate it with you, I know you are much happier for you have her on your side.I couldn’t contain the happiness I have now.
Now, that finally you will not be worried anymore. Wherever you are, you’re still in my prayers.

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I guess when you come home, I will be fully healed and will not be thinking about you anymore. Wishing you all the goodness in life.


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