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Thank you.

Thank you for the moments that we’ve shared. Thank you for showing me that genuine care and affection that I was constantly longing for. Thank you for the glance that you throw on me that little by little grow into many staring and eyes-sparkling. Thank you for listening to my stories and my agonies in life. Thank you for the responses even on my non-sense messages. Thank you for your cuddling and your understanding. Thank you for your patience on me. Those moments we’ve shared and the care you showed me will forever be kept in the room of my memory. Our yesterday will be a scene to look back. I will surely reminisce every single detail at the back of my mind. Now, I am willing to surrender you.

I am sorry.

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I am sorry for the mem’ries that we’ve spent that will just forever be a story to look back. I am sorry that the fairytale story that we thought we had is now a story that we will just dream forever.
I am sorry that I am not going to be your girl nor be a woman you can call “yours”. Today, whatever uncertain relationship we had will just end when it never started in the first place. Forgive me if I would have to cut the wire that connects us to each other and the spark that once glow will never be the firework that we wish to display. I am fully deciding to give the pen back to the Author of Love so that one day we will see each other under the fortress of His will. I am assured that the story we’ll have will be a story to tell and a message to inspire.

I promise you.

I promise you that I’ll keep you. I promise to be your number one fan. I will always be at the back door and secretly applauding on all your successes. I promise to silently battle in your days of mourning. I promise to keep you in the closed door of my prayer room. I will constantly knock on God’s throne to better you and bless you. And as you become that better man, I will also be the better woman whom He ordained me to be; shining in His glory, radiating in His beauty. I will be the woman that mirrors His Son to me. I promise you that I will do my best that you may be proud of me so that tomorrow when we accidentally bounce at each other, somewhere, you will smile and see that our decision to surrender is never a waste. I can no longer promise to be your right one but I will still do my best to be the right one.

Indeed, our yesterday is beautiful, our today is painful but mark my words, our tomorrow will be glorious.

Secretly Fighting,
Woman of God

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