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So, a lot of people these days are having problem kung pano mag DTR or Define The relationship that they are on.
There’s a lot of “what ifs” kasi na nag po pop up in our minds like
what if mareject ako?, what if hindi kami same ng feelings?, what if maging awkward kami?
There’s a lot of questions na nagpopolute ng minds natin kaya we often overthink things ang give meanings sa mga bagay bagay.
Pero you know what? every “what ifs” can be also answered by one simple question eh,
“Ano ba tayo?”.
There’s nothing wrong to ask naman specially if you feel na there is “something” na hindi mo ma explain on how he/she acts towards you. Hindi pwedeng mag assume lang tayo ng mag assume without asking why are they doing this and that. Specially unnatural sweet things people do.
never assume unless otherwise stated.
Never asssume kasi assumption sometimes leads to confusion kaya ask away.
What hinders you to ask the question ba? syempre most likely ang isasagot mo is yung mga “what ifs” mo or maybe you feel okay na sa current status nyo pero why not clarify?
you’re scared to do the first move kasi it’ll hurt your pride?
or baka natatakot ka na baka magbago bigla lahat? diba mas masarap sa feeling na alam mo yung label or alam mo kung ano yung status?
I mean, you’re both mature enough naman na to handle things specially when your feelings is in the line.
Di ba mas ok sa mental health mo na alam mo na hindi ka lang nag aassume sa mga acts nya towards you?
It is also for you din naman to save your time, effort, feelings and specially peace.
Would you rather sacrifice your time, effort and feelings for an unlabeled or mixed signals relationships? syempre no one wants that diba?
Know your worth. Take risk in asking that three word question. Hindi ka pang unlabeled relationships. You are worth it. Know na you should not settle for less and dont settle as an instant pamsamantalang comfort person. You deserve someone who has the intention of clarifying things, hindi yung just testing the waters if it’ll work or not.
Sabi nga ng Ben & Ben at ni Moira,
Kaibigan o kaya bang mag-ibigan?
Kapalaran ka ba o pangarap lang?.
Both of those can be answered by one simple question again and again.
Who knows, there maybe a Lifetime waiting for you both right?
One simple question will define your status.
Always remember din na you’re a catch, so dont chase people who is confused or doesn’t know how to clarify his intentions.
Protect your peace and guard your heart.

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