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Those eyes I can’t resist. Those lips that I want to kiss.
Your hair I like to brush. Oh, Girl! you’re my crush.
I hope you are fine. Do you want to go out and dine?
If you want, you can grab my arm, ‘cos maybe our time has come.

I can wait. As long as your heart, ill take.
If you are not yet ready to love again,
I will be here with you thru summer and rain.
Keep that in mind, because now you don’t need to find.

Though heartaches are scary, sorrows should be bury.
That man hurts you a lot, and he losses his shot.
I am willing to help, We can take all the steps.
Needed for your healing, until you develop the feeling.

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One thing is for certain I want your best version.
This is not a fling, I am a man that goes for a ring.
I also dealt enough tragedy I want to settle and be happy.
This time our future I foresee. Will you marry me?

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