Without you, what would life be like?

Maybe as dull as a gray sky right after a storm,

as boring as a fancy donut without a cherry on top,

as lifeless as a cake without the frosting that surrounds it,

the absence of sweet smell in the air I breathe in,

a happy pair of eyes without the sporadic sparkles,

meaningless, fake smiles in a bright ordinary day.

Without you, what would life be like?

Maybe like a glass of iced tea without crystal clear ice cubes,

a dainty flower that did not start from a delicate bud,

a sallow reflection of a princess in an antique mirror,

an archangel without the ability to fly and explore,

an elegant ball gown without the ribbons, laces and glitters,

a Grimm’s fairy tale without the HAPPY in the ENDING.

Without you, what would life be like?

Probably like a morning breeze without the fresh, crisp scent of a bright morning,

my favorite soda drink minus the familiar fizz,

a broken promise of every tomorrow that brings even more sadness to a lonely soul,

a humble abode that misses the warmth of a mother’s love for every child in it,

the fading memory that every forgiving heart wishes to be rekindled,

a kiss that failed to go deeper, wilder and more passionate.

Without you, what would life be like?

Possibly like a yesterday’s song with the singer’s name that has been forgotten,

a lullaby that can’t pacify a baby and help her head off to dreamland,

an “I love you” without honesty, meaning and hope,

a dream a dreamer knows will just be Polaris, light years away from Earth,

a commitment without the intense need for it to be sustained,

a slowly dying love, just patiently waiting to be reciprocated.