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I’ve been thinking of what is the best medicine ever invented in the world. I even research about it, and found out that there are a lot of variation. Not just the medicine but the illnesses that it cures for it to be tagged effective.

Haba ng pa-intro, eh I just want you to focus on how we’ll we, at least, prevent ourselves from being too marupok (trying to move on from a past relationship or a person who wants to get into one’s life again)– because we know that prevention is better than cure.

So, before being marupok totally spread rapidly in your entire soul and ruin your whole life, cure it of prevent it from getting into your mind, down to your heart, and to your perspective.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Here’s the 5 Anti MARUPOK SELF recommendation that is confidently put forward:

1. Dosage of prayer or guidance from the highest power. This can be more than three times a day, any time of the day and with no specific amount. However, you’re not allowed to skip it, NOT even a day. Make sure that this is taken every single day.


2. Application of positivity. This should be applied in your mind everytime you encounter the person/situation you’re moving on from again.

How to apply: Once the person/situation tries to tell you that you can no longer find someone/something like him/her/it, apply this by convincing yourself that he/she/it is wrong. There will always be someone or something better for us, keep that in mind. Don’t let it drag you back to the toxins of this world.


3. Take this mood stabilizer. It’s never a bad life, it may just be a bad day; kasi pwedeng nagchat ulit or nagkita ulit kayo o nangyari ulit. It may have a good effect in your mood because you think he/she might really be the one; or the situation made you realize that that really is the only thing that makes you happy. You may also think that the universe is taking its leap and letting your paths cross again, then all of a sudden he/she will just ghost on you again; or you may hate yourself from letting things that hurt you happen again. Well, I am not saying that this will take place to everyone but a lot of times our moods depends on what other people do to us or we do to ourselves on a certain situation. Like if you already expected that there might be a chance again or what might happen if this time you stayed but it did not happen. Or we experience the real-life expectations versus reality scenarios.

Whatever come about, don’t blame fate and just have faith! Keep the smile malay mo yung THE ONE mo eh ‘yung taong makakangitian mo sa bus or in the office, and you’re suppose to befriend with them but since you’re in a bad mood it never happened. Stabilize your mood by practicing to smile in any situation that it’s needed, because we may all have different situation throughout the day. We sometimes don’t need to smile specially if we’re trying to sympathize and/or empathize to someone else’s bad situation. Just to avoid confusions, try to make good mood or vibes be contagious than the bad or negative ones. In that case, you will feel that you don’t need anyone else to do it for you. Instead, you do it for others who might need the mood stabilizer on that specific time or situation. You maybe their aid to prevent their emotions to breakdown.


4. One cure for coldness. Don’t be too cold to people just because you’re afraid to be tagged as marupok. Stay friendly! How can the right person get into your life if you shut yourself from the world. Put your walls in a way that you can still be accessed from the outside of it, but with precautions for the people who’s going to try to get through it–kasi nga, being TOO accessible is also sign of being marupok. Labo noh?

Let’s just put it this way, don’t be cold to yourself as well, keep the fire in your heart for love. For whoever feels its warmth, will be attracted to it. Sino ba namang hindi ma-a-attract sa person with a warm heart in a world full of cold-hearted people. Be choosy, though. It’s your right to choose who are you going to let in and stay into your life. Just don’t let the same person who made your heart feel cold to get into it again. Like how the saying goes for “Love is lovelier the second time around” can be the same with “Heart can grow colder and colder as it is getting hurt everytime”–(Gawa gawa ko lang talaga yan).


5. Self-treatment maintenance. As you may have already told your ex, “Consistency is the key”, make sure to be consistent with your self-treatment process, as well. The cure may not occur overnight or in a month or even years. Study shows that for a person to keep a habit, it takes at least 21 days of consistently doing the deed/activity. It’s not going to be that easy for everyone to keep these 5 anti marupok-self prescription. It’s like going to the gym everyday and doing the dietary plan for the fats that you want to get rid off from your body, also for healthy living. We’re talking about behavior and discipline here.


Now, for you to accomplish the title of not being marupok anymore, you have to maintain a good treatment to your own self. Never look at yourself the same way that the person who hurt you looks at you; or the situation makes you think less worthy of yourself. You should be different now since that person left you. You should appreciate yourself more, and acknowledge your strength from moving on to moving forward with your own life. You are now free from falling to that person/situation’s lure again. It’s also not true that you can be marupok  for the right person/situation, because if they/it is really for you then you shouldn’t be having hesitations or doubts to yourself. Trust your guts and/or your instinct.  You know better than what they lay down in front of you just to have you back, specially if it was toxic and killed you inside.


Never be MARUPOK again!

Be cured from karupukan!



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