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Have you ever felt that you wanted to die and end all the sufferrings you just had? I was at that point months ago. I did not know what to do or where to go and I wanted to leave but had no courage nor money to survive. I wanted to die but I was scared at the same time. One day, I picked up a knife from the kitchen and slice my wrist gently that I almost felt the knife near my veins. then, I stopped. I stopped because nobody cared at home but someone messaged me and asked ” are you okay?”. It might sound absurd but I felt that someone was hugging me and telling me to stop. That person was not the only one who cared but also a group of my friends did. They all messaged and called me. That day, it finally came to my senses that running away or death is not the right path that one should choose but the right path is facing our fears. Also, encouraging fellow people who are struggling to fight the way out of the thought of death or suicide. People should make other people feel better and work things out together. I just hoped till this day that the people with me at our house was able to notice things with me.

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