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He cheated.

Ours was everything i hoped for after my previous relationship.
We are happy. He is sweet, clingy, religiously updates me of his whereabouts and even the smallest detail of his everyday routine. My family knows him because he visits me often. I know that he loves me not just because he told me so, he also makes sure i feel loved. My heart is in the right place. Finally. A man who takes care of my heart.

He was sent to province for a week (work-related).
His routine when he was there is different. He sleeps for 12-13 hours straight. Not his usual 5-6 hours here in manila. Ofcourse, he’s tired from work or maybe it really is nice to sleep in his company-provided room. That’s what I thought.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

When he came back, he was still himself. He’s still my sweet perfect little boyfriend. But I knew something was off. But everytime that that thought crosses my mind, it would easily slip off because again, he assures me that im loved. That I’m his only one. That I am his world.

He visits his daughter every once in a while. One weekend he decided to visit her but this visit wasn’t like the previous visits. He did not update me that often. He said that his daughter needed a lot of attention during his stay. I got an update at 3am saying he needs to pee but the term of endearment he used is different. I know it wasn’t for me. I cried in the bathroom silently. It was sad. Lol
He got away with it with excuses but I have that gut feeling.
He became distant. I mean, he still assures me that I’m loved but I can feel he was preoccupied with something.

One day, we were eating in a fast food chain, he left his phone open, messenger chat head facing me. I read the words “love you”. My world stopped. I asked “what was that?” and he rushed to turn off his phone. I stormed out, he followed me. I asked what was it again. He said it’s a girl he met during his stay in the province. Like wtf are you kidding me? You stayed there for just one week!!!
Oh man, my eyes are about to burst and my heart, my heart is not in the right place anymore. I slapped him. Once. Calmed myself. He said he will tell me everything I want to know if we go back to our rented room.

Fast forward. In the room.

I asked a lot of questions. He answered them. This is what I found out. He genuinely likes the girl, he would pick her over me. Omg my heart, my heart. He said he told the girl that he didn’t love me the way he loves her.
I asked, “so what’s your plan?” he said, “di ko alam, di ko alam pano ko pa to ipagpapatuloy.. Itong saten.” I know. Saddest.
The girl knows he has a gf btw. I told him to fix it. He said he couldn’t let her go. He can’t, he loves her.

I swear my inner demon and the angel in my head was at war after I heard that. The demon won.

I made him break up with her. I left the girl a message. I told him that if he didn’t fix it, then I will. He said okay with tears falling down his eyes. The girl read my message but I got no reply. He asked me if he can call her and i said yes but just to end things with her. It ended.

I gave him another chance.

Things were much more complicated I didn’t include some. But yeah, we are still together. Decided to give it another shot. I can’t just do what he wanted me to.. To just let them go and be happy. It was not my mistake. I did nothing but love him.

Will there be trust issues? Yes. But I really did forgive him. Ofcourse, I don’t want to be unfair.
After all, he’s still my sweet and clingy boyfriend. He made a mistake, He realized that. Said sorry many times. Whoo.. I dunno. Fingers crossed. I hope it will never happen again I would lose my shit.

We’re both happy now. We’re back to normal. And I couldn’t ask for more.

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