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Friend, there are times that you can’t wait for the right one, am I right?

There are times that you want all things to happen in an instant, it’s as if you don’t want to wait for the meantime or for a long time.

There are times that you think of your special someone that you want to be in a relationship with.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

And if you are with that special someone, there are some thoughts that might enter your mind:

  1. Is he/she the one?
  2. Is this happy moment with him/her will last long?
  3. Are we going to be forever?

The worst part of all is if the answer would be NO for each without any contingency plan,  your heart will not be ready for the hurt. Our minds are addicted to happiness that we forget that the worst case scenario is a possibility.

Sometimes our hearts are too focused on the good things that we don’t believe in bad things anymore because of love.

Yes, I might say that you already met someone that you’ve made happy memories with, with or without label, but afterwards he/she is now just a piece of memory in your mind.

Are you still hurting because of that? Your feelings are valid. It’s okay to be sad.

But there’s a remedy for that, that is to be grateful that you met that person even if it hurts.

Letting go is painful, but it will be more painful if you’re going to stay.

God saved you from distress, He let you experience a huge amount of hurt for a night instead of letting you to be hurt everyday, and He wants you to wait for the right person if it’s His Will!

Baka sa iba… matagpuan ko na.

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