Bakit wala kang jowa?

Because I'm not what they are looking for.
Sometimes, I'm not enough.
Most of the time, I'm too much.
Because I haven't found him yet.
We haven't met yet, or maybe we did.
But God said, "the timing is not yet perfect".
Because I'm still finding myself.
I'm still searching.
Looking for answers.
Because I'm not beautiful.
I do not fit their description of beauty.
I always lack something.
Because I'm intimidating.
Well that is what most of them say.
But I really don't get it
Because I'm always the ideal type.
Ideally speaking, I am what they want.
But no one really dared to fall in love with me.
Because I'm always the ideal type.
Not the type they could fall in love with
Never the type they see a future with
Because I don't fall for them
I don't like them or they were never my type
Or they have to change so they'll be ideal for me.
Because they always leave me
No one really cared to stay
They always find reasons go away

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