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I opened the door and I saw him.

I saw him looking.
I saw him talking.
I saw him smiling.

At another girl.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Yes. Not on me, but on her.

So, I turned. I closed the door.

I don’t want to look at that anymore.
I don’t want to see them anymore.
I don’t want that kind of view anymore.

I told myself, I can find another place to eat.
That, I wasn’t even hungry.
And, I don’t really need to eat.

I told myself, it’s okay.

Yet, I felt sick. I felt scared. I felt pain.

I need to breathe.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

I cried. I burst into tears.

My heart was crushed.
My heart was shattered.
My heart was broken.

Into. Million. Pieces.

To my surprise, these million pieces still beat.

Yes. I’m alive.

My heart beats.

I finally can breathe.

This is just a storm.

I need to go through this storm because this is what God wants.

I need to take heart.
I need strength.
I need courage.

It is really true that, God’s blessing and correction can coincide.

He may take away something from you today, but He will surely fill that void with joy in many different forms.

This may be painful, this may not look great at all, but this is what should happen.

This is His plan.

Your heart may break into millions of pieces, but as long as it beats, you are blessed.

You are more than blessed.

And that is more than enough.

love, s.

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