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To the guy who makes my heart beat again, you have own my heart, even though we just met in a short period of time. You made me happy like those sunflowers that blooms when they have sunshine.

But this time I want you to be free, happy and find your own sunshine.I‘m brave enough to let you go. Even if it breaks me into thousand pieces. Your happiness is now my happiness.

The idea of loving you was the most selfish thing I have ever done. It’s been hard for me to trust to keep an everlasting bond and even harder to love myself My love, I love you so much more than myself, but this kind of love destroyed me.

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I forgot who I ‘am before you came into my life. I was once a happy go lucky and independent woman full of love. But your presence made me forget that. Now I’m signing off, I’ll let you go in order for me to grow and found my own sunshine. This is for the both of us. To make things even better.

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