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To the best woman i never had.
We met during our college days. The first time I saw you i saw a broken woman healing from her past. At first i just want to be your friend but time goes by i fell inlove, not on the way you look but because of your soul and your story and how strong you are. Youre not the most beautiful yes but it is what youve gone trough that i fell inlove with. Time goes by i confessed but it didnt go well, you rejected cause you like someone else and unfortunately she broke your heart too and you began your healing again. But how i still waited, insisted on waiting for you. And then one faithful night i asked the same question again and finally you permitted me to court you, it was thr happiest day of my life. But then with just a flick of an eye everything falls apart. With just one night i lost the woman who i waited for years. I thought its ok now, i thought you will prioritise me now but you still choose him. Its alright I gave everything ive got. Fight till i cant stand up. No reason for me to sob for someone who didn’t saw my worth. But thank you for the memories, for a moment there i thought youre my answered prayer, the miracle that happened and the greatest blessing but i guess you’re the greatest lesson. Don’t worry i will still pray for you. For your happiness. It is true, some stories are made without a happy ending but with a moral lesson.

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