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by: Jeecel Sacatrapuz

“Let there be light”
This is how the creation began
“He separated the light into darkness”
And it ceased into a seperation

The moment was too long when you said goodbye
Everything altered in a blink of an eye
Your words left a sting
Those times was never worth keeping

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

No, I’m not alright
While I was at the edge of the night
l weep in tearful memories
They prompt infinite worries

How do I alter the feeling of being helpless?
I can feel the ache acutely in my chest
I ended up blaming my weak heart
Yet I still consider it as an art

A complex mess
It’s how I perceive myself
So I opted to let my soul rest
To embrace my long lost strength

I don’t want to hate thee worser than I do
Take away these memories, I can’t undo
You made me so blue
Yet, I take heart to forgive you

Another chapter closed its page again
There is now where else I need to look for my beginning
I press on toward the goal
Keep trying to bloom in love my soul

A new heart of worship
A new heart of gratitude
I trade my heart for a heart like Yours
Take it Lord and make it new

This pain will be my greatest gain
Lord, let me hear it again
“Let there be light”
And let this light conquer the darkness

I’ll take my eyes off the hurt
And focus on the healer
It is finished
Breath, my beginning

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