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There were moments in my life that I would constantly think of all the things which happened to me in the past. I would reminisce about the memories I had with my friends whether it was happy or sad. One of my life’s motto is “When words fail, music speaks.” There are times that I would express myself through music because the lyrics of a song are mostly on point about what I’m really feeling inside. Music became an important part of my life and without music, for me, life is dull.

I’ve met a lot of people in my life; some of them became my friends who chose to stay in my life, some became my friends too but unfortunately, they chose to leave. Friends are like music, they would make your life meaningful or they would cause you to cry when misunderstandings occur. Some friends are worth it to be a subject of your poetry; other friends would even inspire you to compose a song. Someone could even be a crescendo who would increase the intensity of happiness or pain inside your heart. Sometimes, the hidden meaning behind your song would cause you to either flutter with delight or write with an agonizing pain inside your heart.

Playing an instrument isn’t as easy as you thought. That’s why practice is very essential when you’re a beginner. You would always do your best to try much harder because you knew that it’s what you really wanted, you wanted to learn how to play an instrument. The same thing with friendship, to make a solid foundation, you would make an effort and even invest your time because you wanted to be a good friend. You would be willing to dance into a new song because you wanted to have a good connection. Broken strings on a guitar or ukulele happen sometimes just like how misunderstandings happen in friendship. Instead of throwing away the entire guitar or ukulele, you just replace the broken strings with a new one because it’s something which is important to you.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

How do you fix the broken strings when misunderstandings occur in friendship? It’s by forgiving freely. You would make an effort to tune the new strings to find the right melody when you play your guitar or ukulele. You would try harder to get it right. In friendship, you would also do your best to try harder to apologize to the person because the friendship means a lot to you. You would do your part to make peace because you never want to be like a guitar with broken strings, you want to be fixed. You wanted your rhythm to be heard because that’s the only thing which could make you feel happy again after an argument. There are a lot of failed friendships around us because other people lack understanding and forgiveness.

Don’t leave your life dealing with “What ifs” and “If only”; forgive when you can and be kind. You’ll never know what they have to go through when they are asking for your forgiveness. Learn to open your heart wide and you’ll see that pulling out the weeds of hatred inside your heart could create a new song to start over with your friend if you’ll only choose to forgive.

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I am always passionate when it comes to writing. I started writing at a young age, the aftermath when I became fond of reading books. Growing up, what I usually carry inside my bag became my solace; an ordinary pen and a notebook which comes out as my handy buddy because words and ideas could pop up anytime. Instead of bottling my emotions inside, I decided to write the things which I couldn’t tell anyone else. As of now, I am working as an Assistant Teacher, though it’s a full time job, I can still write poetry, short stories, and novels. Last year, I was able to self-publish my first book Behind These Words: Poetry and Prose and my first novel A Chance to be Loved, a gift of satisfaction to myself, both are available for purchase on Amazon. Aside from writing, I’m also fascinated about traveling, photography, and painting. One thing which keeps my passion for writing burning is the fact that there are some people out there who are motivated to write because I always make sure to share to others my motivation why I keep on writing; no matter what happens, never let your ink dry and just keep on writing.