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You were someone that I always looked up to. You seem so near, yet so distant. I always used to love someone who is very close to me. But what is happening to me? I used to think that all of this is an illusion that was built up by my emotions. But why am I crying now? Is this really just an infatuation that would fade away soon? Or is this something more? I started to wonder all night, thinking about the reason why. Why do I have to feel this? Why does it have to be you?

The possibility of us together has always been close to never. It was obvious, you don’t feel the same as I do. I wouldn’t try to bother you. I wouldn’t push you to love me back. I would never make any effort to pursue you. No matter how much I like you, I cannot do something that would destroy my worth. For I know that if ever there’s a chance that we are meant to be, God will do it in His own way.

Sad to say, I may never have you. But if there’s one favor that I could ask you; if ever one day you’ll find out. Can I love you even though I can’t have you?

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