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Dear Princess of God,
There are times that we may feel God is not pleased by what we do, and we look for a great evidence if He really loves us. My friend, please be reminded that you are perfect in His sight. No matter how dark your past and how cloudy your future right now, believe me, He knew you well.

You  are the right person to act where you are right now, you are the right person to do His purpose for your family, friends, colleagues, and even to those strangers.

Please, do not listen to the voice of your fears, for you are BRAVE(the Holy Spirit is in you).
Please do not doubt yourself, for you are REAL(God made you).
Please do not give in to the dictations of this world, for you are PRECIOUS more than gold (purified by the blood of Jesus).
Please do not give up your dreams, for you can MAKE A DIFFERENCE (you have a great commission).
Please continue… continue your journey with God. You have a great desire in your heart, and God sees it.

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Believe God. He can do it, as river flowed in the desert and as a way out in the ocean.He showers His grace and favor to those who believe and follow Him. ♥

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