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What started out as simple reconnection turned somehow into friendship. Little did I know that as time passes by, the walls dividing our being is slowly being taken down.

It was so dramatic that I can even feel the earth shaking as it was being torn apart, until I can see what I had missed for the past ten years…

It was lovely. I knew that I like the improved version of you. I was enamored by your passion in life. I was again struck by your power in me.

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But wait… I thought I was only having a temporary loss of sanity. The details of what transpired years back were again slowly showing. The beauty that I saw when we were reunited was abruptly transformed into the ugliness of what has been.

What you have become is just a facade. Little by little, inch by inch, as I slowly stare at the mesmerizing creature that I have been wanting to have for so long, I again feel the agony of pain, the stubborness of hatred that was kept in the depth of the oceans.There is a caveat of this reunion. I must see the whole of your being, the core of your self. The skin deep beauty I always admired will soon turn into dust that would block my eyesight. And there it is again, the tears, the pain, the hatred and the longingness of you.

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