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Every day is a celebration of love in its fullness. Love within and for family, partners, parents to children and vice versa, friends, colleagues and to everyone around the Globe. Celebration does not end in Valentine’s where people would associate the event with couples exchanging sweet messages, receiving chocolates and flowers or dining out in a fancy resto. All these and more could be expression of love but they don’t define it.

As a NBSB, it was never an issue to me if it is Valentine’s Day. As when the time comes, I celebrate with those who are celebrating as a couple but most importantly, I cherish the moment with my family. I mostly enjoy in solitude the things I can do and achieve alone. Let this be an unsolicited reminder to singles out there that there is nothing wrong with being one. It may be a hackneyed proverbial message to bloom in your singlehood but it better works for me. God be praised because He is transforming me from one degree of glory to another. Falling short most of the time, but learning is an essential tool in the process.

Do not grow weary if you are actively waiting. Be complete first. Learn to love and appreciate your being. Be the Mr/Ms Right first. Run your race, the right person will keep up. And most especially, celebrate love every day in every way.

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