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Humid air, and moisture on the restaurant door. I never needed anything more to begin again. I’ve been spending the last eight months thinking all about love if ever it breaks and burns and ends so fast. But you sat there at the bus stop, you got there early and smiled when you saw me even though I’m late and I walk to you.

We ordered red burgers, pasta, and chocolate drinks then sat there and I start feeling your sweet shyness so I start the conversations to break the tension. Lost in the timeline till you told me when you first saw me and sat beside me on the bus with me and you had a crush on me. You slip your eyes into my School ID to know my name then you search it to get to know me, but you failed cause I don’t use my real full name in my social media. Years have gone by and suddenly through a common friend you’ve seen my social account in your suggestion friends then you immediately send me a request hoping to be accepted and at last, this is your time to blow your chance. Then you’ve been very glad and excited when I accepted you cause you immediately DM me telling you’re gratitude.

Way back in college, you told me it’s very rare to see me on campus but often at the bus stop like you’ve been keeping your eyes on me for a long time. And me, I was like; “Is this the man I’ve been praying for, the one I’ve been singing that someday there is somebody out the who’s looking for me and wanting to love me for long”.

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Upon your confessions, you give me butterflies that start fluttering in my stomach. Feel like all the ghosting I’ve been through you’re the one who can end up all the sinister and horrors that I’ve been through. That you’ll finally mend my broken bones.

The late afternoon slipped away so fast into a moment in time till we agreed to go home and take the bus together. As we walk out the door you escorted me so well and took your umbrella to protect me from your imaginary rain even though it was just stratocumulus clouds above but I guess it is sweet making me blush and thinking this is like cliches on romantic stories making your move on me.

As we ride the long way home ride beside me I notice your keen eyes keep staring at me on my periphery. Till you suddenly touch the scar on my hand observing it. I just let you observe it to see a piece of my flaws. And you didn’t ask what is the scar all about. Maybe you simply adore it and I wish you’ll hold it but I guess you weren’t mine.

After a few minutes beside you, it’s about damn time for me to get off the bus, and bid our goodbyes and gratitudes. I just wish this is not the very last time cause I felt the sparks in you in a short time that I’ve been waiting for to forget yesterday’s pain and hauntings.

When I got home I sent you my regards to go home safely then you replied wishing there would be a next time; us meeting together. I replied, “Yes, as long as you come with stories you can tell me”. Cause our first date you don’t talk that much and I want to break you’re shyness away to better get to know you. But you suddenly confess that there’s one bothering you that’s why you didn’t want to talk that much and I couldn’t believe the message you sent me. Drawing a smile on my heart but shaking it as well…

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