Comfort in Fall


You’re a total stranger. I know for a fact that we shouldn’t trust a stranger. We gave each other the benefit of the doubt, until regular chats becomes so soothing to my old soul and I never want to stop. You run inside my head all day (aren’t you tired yet?) and you’re charismatic character in messaging clings to my burdened heart. I don’t want you to feel like I am looking for an affection to fix my broken self, I want to you to feel that you gave me that unique warmth that tickles my brain, it’s more than friendship but not really in love. You’re special. Infatuated I may be, but I don’t mind, I can admire you from a distance, more than a thousand miles distance. We argued like lovers and I regret that you hold that grudge in your heart. If I hurt you, I am deeply sorry, you picked a broken piece who only wants to protect her heart from being broken again I didn’t mean to cut you. Forgive me for I owe God a promise, that I will guard my heart and soul so it can never be broken again until the angel He promised fly over my way and ask His daughter’s hand with sincerity.