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Im 29 and Im a working single mom of two kids.

Dating app. Im one of the million na nag try nito and here i found my LDR bf. 17 months ago to be exact when i first know him following my live. Every cindirella waiting for her prince and once i met him. But does fairy tales only live in happy ending?

I like men with sense of communication. By that he catched my attention, months goes by and we started exchanging messages and calls. His so nice, handsome, smart, having job and a so called almost perfect kind of bf. Constant in communication coz we are 5000 miles away to each other. But distance haven’t an hindrance for us to feel the love we have for each other.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

As we close for 1 year relationship he made a way to meet me in person. He set everything flights and hotels booking he did even how much busy he is in his job as an engineer. He choose the place where he think I gonna like. Beaches, swimming pools, foods and shopping we’re we both enjoy to do.

That one week with him was like we are living together. Until again we need to be apart for the call of work.

I already open our relationship to my family and kids and all are accepting him. Im happy for my kids being open minded.

But one thing came in our relationship that almost shaken us both.

His an indian, a hindu, only child and belong to high cast in south india. Because of this our relationship get in stake. He supposed to tell his parents about us when we’re in 3 months of relationship but his mom met an accident and got a head injury. Coz of that telling to then got postponed.

After we met we talked again about him to tell his parents. By that time his parents already searching girl for him but his rejecting. Until one day he open and told him about us.

He was starting to tell about me but a big NO was poked his mouth. His mom starting hysterical why he did having relationship to a foreign girl. He promised to his mom before that he wont be like to one closed relative of them that choosed the foreign girl over his family.

But destiny playing around and he also love a foreign. Now both of us are trying to handle the situation. He loves me i know and he loves his family too. His like in between of two rocks rubbing.

Until now we are still communicating, talking about the things what we can do to keep the relationship. Its too hard he also crying for this situation.

I would like to hear your comments and suggestion for our relationship. 😥😥😥

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