Dear my future woman


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I’m too slow, I’m too coward to fail
And sometimes, quite disappointing
Yes, that is me.
You may ask why?
Certainly! As one of the architect and engineer of our future home
I have to see every details that will structure our relationship and our family
And it should start within me.
I don’t intend to be a perfect designer
Nor to be a perfect builder
because there is no such man existing
What I intend is to see myself capable of being your man in the future
Can stand for you, and be with you, always true to you, and can provide the needs of our family
I’m preparing myself to be the right one…
and it is not easy, and definitely should not be in a hurry
I know that you are the right woman whom I am waiting for
But please allow God’s perfect timing for us.
I don’t intend to be a man who just promise to give you the stars
I always pray that I will be the man who is able to lead you to the One who created universe for us.

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