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If moving on can be easy as 1, 2, 3, then the world could be a better place, noh? 

We all have different timelines of moving on, some will take years, while for others it was only a few months of crying and bawling their eyes out. But there are actually people who do not even go through the process of healing, well, because they already found someone to fill that gap in their hearts. 

“Hindi ako makakamove on hangga’t walang bago.” 

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Moving on is heartbreaking and painful because at that moment you learn a lot of things. You reflect and realize where have you gone wrong, or what happened that led to this. But there are people who refuse to go through that pain and learn by looking for someone else to love. 

It is a very risky move, because how can you love others if you are shattered and broken? How can you give the love you can not give yourself? How can you make the relationship work if you did not take the time to understand why your past relationship did not work out? 

If you have not even tried to go through a season of healing and learning, you will constantly face the same cycle of pain and heartbreak. Nothing will change, and eventually, you will find yourself asking, “bakit lagi nalang ganto?” And “Hindi na ba talaga ako magiging masaya?” 

How can you be happy if you never even tried to heal? Healing will take time. It’s not easy, but all those heartbreaks will mean something. It will help you be a better person, a stronger one. And you will know when to invest your emotions because you have experienced what it is like when you do so wrongly. It will help you see things in a way that is not clouded by emotions and feelings.

Mars, masakit mag move-on. Pero kaya mo yan. You do not need another man to make you feel love. You do not need another bebeluvs to move on. To be happy, you need to learn to love yourself fully without depending on others’ perceptions of who you are. This time, do things that will help you grow like your passion, hobbies, and others. Hindi lang sa pag-ibig ng iba ang tunay na kasiyahan. 

Wag na tayong pokmaru.

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