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Is this all that there is? A question we ask ourselves everytime we encounter a series of events in our life that we think is on repitition. Same problems, same questions, same hole that we got dumped into with the same variables. A question that raises doubts within ourselves and somehow knock us off balance leaving us incapacitated to go beyond and to go the extra mile. But, does that question really raises the scenarios aforementioned or does it raise a different point of view? Everytime I encounter this question on my journey, I’ve come to a certain point and understand that this question often responds to our hunger, it responds with our desire to do more and go beyond what we can do. We knew the answer to this question that “Yes, there has to be more than this” but the real challenge usually lies on how to get there, on how to arrive on that next stage or how are we going to navigate a familiar setting, same circumstance but a different journey, and it leads us to the in-betweens. The in-beetwens is not a neutral ground as some suggests, rather it’s a battlefield. It’s a place where we are waging war against ourselves, our fears, insecurities, anxieties and weaknesses. It is where we are going face to face with the giants in our lives, it’s where we are going to break and climb over the steonghold that imprisons us from moving forward. It’s a fearsome place to be sitiuated in, but we have to remember always that yes, fear is present but so as His presence. The in-betweens is where we find ourself in a position of stepping back to safety or to move forward and step in into greater things. Is this all that there is? Yes, there’s always more. The path that leads to that “more” our hearts are looking for has already been laid out. The only thing that’s left is your decision. The promise will always remain, but the completion and your arrival depends on how make your choices and decisions. So let’s be wise and be patient in every move we make, I know that we might miss out. But hastening things up wouldn’t guarantee immidiate success and victory, so be still and move in peace. It’s okay to be scared and be terrified on your own journey, we’re humans after all but bear this in mind. In every cicumstances we face and fall into, His hands are always stretched out and His strides have gone before us already so we can move freely and march victorious towards that promise land. Seek Him first and always, that’s the formula in making a wise decision. For I’ve never seen anyone who trusted God and failed why? Because God will never put to shame those who truly trust Him with everything they have. Let’s stretch out in faith. I know that we want to reach the promises and finish lines we eye everytime, but its completion is always dependent on how we stretch out in faith. So keep moving and keep trusting for no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love and trust Him. (1 Corithians 2:9)

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