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Here you are, looking out in the window
Thinking about the things you’ve done
Asking yourself a lot of what if’s
Making yourself drown with memories

There again, you are being emotional
You hug and cheering yourself up
Convincing that it is alright as if it was your chant
Then, wiping your own tears once again

You smile and laugh with family and friends
Yet you’re screaming out loud inside your mind
Drowned and concealing your sadness
Making yourself think all over again

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

But have you ever ask yourself
Are you really alright?
Not just encouraging yourself alone
Not just forcing a smile to deceive

You make it more complicated
Overthinking things might help
You never ask yourself
Hey! Are you hurt?

You didn’t even bother to ask
You just kept on convincing yourself
Deceiving your own self
Wherein you knew from the start

You also have to help yourself
Be strong and be brave for own good
Smiling won’t solve it all
Running will make it worst

But drowning in sadness will help it?
Crying for the same reason over and over
Aren’t you tired of doing so?
You knew you aren’t okay

Yet you aren’t helping yourself
Your heart is broken already
Don’t make it worst than it should be
It’s time to get up with bravery

Dear self, function like a human
You aren’t a robot nor an android
Not even a cyborg to feel numb
Then, ask yourself again: Are you hurt?

Oh I get it, you stumble and fall
But come to think of it
You aren’t a child anymore
To wait for someone to help you

You can stand up on your own
Wash the wound with soap and running water
Bandage may help to cover it for a while
But tell it heal through time

Dear self, are you hurt?
If you answer yes you are
Then don’t remove the scraped of your wound
Don’t try to touch it when it’s already healing

For it will only open the wound again
You will make it bleed and fresh once again
Are you hurt? Then it’s your choice
You hurt yourself over again

Dear self, please don’t scratch your wound
I know it’s itchy but that’s part of the healing
Free yourself from making the wound deep
Deeper than it should be

We both know, it really hurts
You are me and I am you
Please don’t hurt me anymore
For you’re hurting yourself too

Dear self, come on let’s get up okay?
Let us function as human again
Let the wound heal on its own, hmm?
Dear self, let’s get over the pain

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