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Dear You,

Thank you for the times you were by my side.

Thank you for the memories you created with me.

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Thank you for the laughter and tears we shared.

Thank you for the chapters in my story you influenced.

Thank you for loving me, perhaps.

But above all, thank you for your uncertainty about me.

Like a gust of wind, you vanished.

As rapid as a heartbeat,

As quick as a blink of an eye,

You became a blur in my memories.

You departed, hidden from my view.

You faded away, granting me freedom.

You provided me with a broader perspective on life.

You propelled me to become a stronger version of myself.

It was an untold tale, filled with unread words.

It was an uncertain pursuit of what lay ahead.

Yet, in reality, I was guided.

The reality that I’ll never be the reason for your smile.

The reality of always having you at a distance.

The reality that you were only temporary.

It became something we can never reclaim.

It became something we concealed.

But now, it no longer matters.

Because without you, I am better off.

Because without you, I am living more fully.

Because without you, I am loving myself more.

So, thank you for being yourself.

Thank you for not staying.

Thank you for your uncertainty.

Yes, it pained me for a while.

I would be dishonest if I said it wasn’t hurtful.

But I am happier for having been preserved.

I am so much better than before.

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