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We had it all wrong all along.

I don’t know about you but do you ever hear people or read some statuses about your friends groaning on social media because they don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend to spend this Christmas with? I am sure you do! Majority of us will spend an hour or two (of course I am joking, right?) thinking about what are we going to say if we ask why we’re still single during reunions. I don’t know about you but I know people who will do their best just to look for someone they’re going to show their families this Christmas. I’m not saying that this is wrong since who doesn’t want to show your family that you already have someone who cares for you now? Its the love season! Everyone should have someone or something but you know what, sometimes we’re too focused on getting something or being with someone that we lose the real essence of Christmas.

I’m sorry if this is hurtful (to those who are dying to have someone this Christmas) but you don’t just need to rely upon romantic love this Christmas! Love is too broad that it cannot be adjusted to what we prefer to receive. Our family’s there and also our friends and you know what, I know we like to have someone caring for us in this season but you don’t need to have a romantic relationship immediately just because the majority of people in the world has. Your story is different and entirely different from everyone else

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

“You know what, Patrick, we know that.” I know you do! Trust me, I know you do. You’re not dumb. But sometimes what we know is never really congruent to what we desire in our hearts. That’s why though sometimes we want to go on a diet but we still eat a lot. You know what I mean? Of course, you do. It’s difficult to re-calibrate our minds and think that this season is not really about us when we grew up in a culture that whenever its Christmas we receive something nice. We often get the habit of wanting someone good this Christmas that sometimes we forget that it’s not really only about ourselves.-. Isn’t love more of giving than taking?

In the Greek language, there are words created to define a person’s love to another. Today we call love as love in general but in the Greek, they call romantic love as Eros, Philia for a friend kind of love and Estorge for parental kind of love.  You know what the greatest word is? Agape. It means, God kind of love. Unconditional. The one that is above all three. The greatest love that is more than just romantic. It is the very foundation of all kinds of love. So, sorry to burst your bubble. Christmas is not only about you or me. It is about us as a whole and how God with His unending love, chose to give His Son as a sufficient payment for all our sins. This is the reason why we celebrate the season and I believe that this truth should be enough to make our heart shudder in delight.

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