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Am I left behind ?
In the midst of a great battle
I was seeking help from my kin
But in the end, here I am, alone

In my success and every mile stone
We celebrated those moments
But during my season of autumn,
I was dejected like an outcast

Where I will run from the shadow of my yesterday?
Like Iโ€™m running out of air to breathe
Drowning deeper, hopeless to be saved
Lost in the world full of atrocities

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The time is ticking so fast
The last resort is to end
My problems together with my doleful life
The final escape but I realize something,

Ending own life like letting the hell to burn myself
Depression is a mental parasite and a silent killer
But to give up now is like losing all,
Losing all the battles that I have won previously

I reminisced the triumphs and who I was before
Kindling the fire in me, I know the journey of uphill
Iโ€™ll continue the voyage even if I walk baby steps
The road is rough plus the ruins of negativity

Every breakthrough requires courage
Brave enough to challenge again
If this is fate, so be it, rising from defeat
Crossing lines to chase the lost

If I end my life at my saddest point
These eyes wonโ€™t see the beauty of living
The joy and tears of winning the obstacles
I hope to find the greater purpose of my life

Self-Reflection , the beauty of alone

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