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I said that I really love the book of Mitch Albom, Tuesdays With Morrie. But, I forgot one lesson of Morrie that we should acknowledge what we feel, even if it’s good or bad emotions. And that is okay. I forgot that. I forgot that we are all just human. We can’t control our feelings.


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I grew up on an extended and not so perfect family. And I don’t know, I think one of my signature traits is being full of positive thoughts towards everything around me. I believe that all the people in world always have their good sides. Even though he can be the meanest person you’ve ever known, I really believe that he has his good side… we just must wait for it. But things really won’t be easy on this called – LIFE. How it possible that this four-letter-words are not easy to survive? Morrie’s right. School teaches us wrong that the world is beautiful. Because no, it’s not. Life is messy. World is complicated. Life doesn’t want my signature trait to always appear anytime I want. I don’t like the feeling that I always feel negative in all the things around me. I feel like I messed up. I feel like everything is falling apart. It breaks me. It hurts me. It made me cry. I hate it. I feel like this is not me anymore. That is not the usual me. I know I’m one of those most understanding people you could ever know. But suddenly, I feel like I’m changing. This is strange.


It turns out that this strange feeling is not strange, it is called normal or natural to human like me. Maybe, I’m too cheerful that I get blinded on my own beliefs. And now, everything becomes clearer. I guess, I’m wrong. No, I’m definitely wrong. The world is messy and so life, and if I keep this toxic positivity that I had, I will get swayed in my journey. There I remember, what Morrie said, that we should acknowledge every emotion we will feel. Not because you feel sad doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel it. Emotions are meant to be felt and so pain. Don’t worry it will not last forever. Remember? There are lots of emotions in the world you will feel it all. And oh, lastly, don’t forget that we’re supposed to change for our own goods.

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