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It is alright to expect, just do not overdo,
Overdo to the point that you assume it too.
Too much expectation could hold you up so high,
So high that when you fall, the pain is like you’ll die.

See his actions, not just his words,
Words might be sweet, but might not mean anything.
Anything he does should be a testimony,
Testimony and proof that he loves you truly.

Do not be easily swayed by his smiles and gentle gestures,
Gestures should be warm and unchanging,
Unchanging despite the distance, the hardships
Hardships he must pass, to prove that he really cares.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Let time test his patience, his will,
Will he remain steadfast inspite the trials, the pain?
Pain will be there, but will he stay with  you?
You will be the judge, is he worth the risk?

It is alright to expect, to wait, to hope, to pray
Pray that the one who knocks and enters our heart is the one who stays,
Stays by our side, through time, through it all,
All the while, exceeding our expectations.

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