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First of all, sana tumangkad ka kahit kunti lang – kahit one inch lang, masaya na ako. Sana rin ‘di ka na insecure sa flabby arms mo at sa strong muscular thighs of an Igorot. I hope you love your physical body as much as you love your ideas and thoughts. I wouldn’t be surprised kung tumatango o tumatawa ka ngayon, tutal, I’m trying everyday to wake up and smile at the reflection I see in the mirror.

To you in the future, I hope you’re happy; not just because you’re working on your dream job or because you can pay any price. I hope you can still be happy for the little things tulad ng pagiging first sa mga games o dahil narinig mo lang ‘yung old song na gustong-gusto mo. Sana… you’re still me. ‘Yung taong masaya na sa maliliit na bagay. I don’t want to wake up one day wanting something that some people can’t even imagine having.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Sana nagawa mo na rin ‘yung nasa bucket list mo. Tulad ‘nung camping under the milky way galaxy in the sky or ‘yung chasing the sunset while driving o ‘yung nagsusulat ka sa tabi ng window while taking a glance of the beautiful city you’re only visiting. Sana, magawa o nagawa mo na ‘yan.

I’m also hoping that sana, may na-publish ka nang book na nakapagpabago ng buhay ng kahit isang tao o ng buong mundo. Sana proud ka na sa mga sinusulat at ginagawa mo. I’m still insecure in this age, and I hope, na sana, you’re confident to the point that you can be weird in front of a stranger.

To you in my future, all I want is to be happy – to feel genuine happiness, to feel warmth in my heart for no particular reason while smiling at the ocean full of possibilities. I hope you’re happy. It would break my heart and blow my mind if I know that while reading this, you’re crying because you can’t achieve these expectations I have for you. I can’t continue hoping around my garden of daisies if I find out I’m still the same me who cries at night and wishes that this day is the end. Please, I’ll always wake up and try my best to control my demons, so please, be happy.

I also hope, you’re closer to God than I am today. I hope you’ve rooted your foundations, your every armor and weapon in His grace. I know we’re only alive because of Him, and that you’re alive for Him.

And lastly, you, I pray that you’re living because you want to, not because you need to. I pray that whatever I have in the future is according to God’s plan. I pray that whatever you have in your time is what you need to grow. You’re strong and I know you can wrestle in the darkness and burn the witches in your cursed thoughts.

I pray that we’ll bought be happy. For me in the future, you’re great.


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