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                  Sometimes I’ve been thinking of those “what ifs” that could possibly happen  when you came to my life. What if we still go out together? what if I let my world revolve around you? what if I fell inlove with you? what if?!
What we had is something unexplainable and something unacceptable. The mere fact that our actions are more than friends but less than lovers. Friends with benefits. For a year we’ve been going out. Making out. No emotions involved nothing more , nothing less. But as time goes by, what we had is getting deeper and deeper. And I don’t want this. I’m sorry I have to do this. I’m sorry that I have to shut my door and walk away. I’m afraid but this would be the end of everything we had. I don’t want to make the same mistake again that left me broken.
Truth to be told, I’ve been missing you. I can’t deny the fact that you never failed to took care of me. You never made me feel worthless. But I cannot have you back and the way we had before.
After months of avoiding you, I sent you a message to check how you’ve been doin’.
It’s still great to know that despite what I’ve done, the mere fact that I walk away without saying goodbye…I’m still part of your world. We may not ended on the best the we can with each other, but atleast I know that you’re still a good friend I can count on.
Thank you.


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