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Dear warrior

Hey there! Maybe years have passed already after you wrote this, but guess what? You’re still here!

You’ve been through a lot lately but your faith fought with you.

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All those failed relationships and all those breakdowns, you’ve conquered them all!

You’re always doubting your progress, you’re always doubting your choices, listening to others critics to bring you down, but look at you now. The battle scars you’ve won make you stronger and wiser.

From now on I know you’ll be stronger and braver than ever. You’ve learned a lot from your past relationships and you’ve moved on.

From now on I know you’ll give God the first seat in your heart before allowing others to enter.

From now on I know you’ll be God’s channel of love which is radiating with good vibes and will be blessing others.

To my future wife, hang in there. I know God is still molding us to be the best versions of ourselves. I know it might take time, but who cares?

The longer we have to wait for something, the more we will appreciate it when it finally arrives. All good things are worth waiting for and I know you are one.

I’ll embrace your scars and imperfections as if it is also mine and together we will heal completely in the arms of each other. Sounds cliché but it’s nice, isn’t it?

So for now keep on fighting and believing. Keep your faith strong as someday it’ll be your foundation. Keep your head held high because You! Yes, YOU! YOU ARE A WINNER.

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