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I followed every steps, I caught every glance, I heard every wishful sigh, every nervous thump of your heart and even the uneasiness when you laugh, I felt that. I know what you’re thinking, by the mere of seeing you, I just know. Is it because I knew you for the longest time? I am always with you. I am your always buddy in your good days, I rejoice with you, even if sometimes you tend to forget my existence. I am that bestfriend when times are bad, when the tide is high, I am that friend.

I always listen to your sobbing, although you mostly remember me when you’re tired and weeping, but that’s okay, I am still here, I never judged. In fact it delights me whenever you cry your heart out to me, your head pressing against my shoulder, though it adds up to the weight I’m carrying, I am satisfied . Of course I am sad too but trusting your tears to me, concealed from others, I nearly boasted.

Did I tell you I love you? You have no idea? I did, haven’t you heard it through your sobbing? Maybe the weeping was too loud you haven’t heard of it. But I showed it, countless times. I showered you of my affection. I stare at you lovingly, didn’t you notice it too? Are you busy looking for something? Maybe your eyes are fixed to someone that you can’t see my loving gaze. I’m eagerly waiting for the day that you’ll come to me and tell me you love me too. I am waiting for it patiently you know. You, telling me you need me is the sweetest thing. Will it happen? I hope anytime soon it will. I am waiting. I will never get tired waiting for you, because I love you.. I just love you..a lot.

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