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Ngayong Nutrition month,simpleng paalala:
Stay Healthy

Take risk din paminsan-minsan and wag laging play safe. Matuto kang magmove on, dahil you will only know if you would take the step of faith. Work out and don’t stay in your comfort zone.

As time goes by, never take your experiences, whether good or bad, for granted. Lahat sila meant to teach you a lesson. Be mature and dont waste your opportunities to learn. They are very helpful, mahirap ng madapa sa cactus. Pero kung nadapa ka, bangon ang rise up stronger 🙂

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You were meant to shine. Wag icompare ang sarili sa iba. when you begin to compare your story to others’, it will lose the power of your testimony. And babala,comparison steals your joy. Keep glowing and let the love of God be your reason to keep on shining.


Ayan, wag puro milk tea,fries at K-drama (kadramahan sa buhay).
Stay healthy.

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