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We started as friends and fellow workers in church. At first, my only goal was for me to grow in the Lord, and then, I started to notice you. You amaze me, in ways that I cannot explain. The first thing that I liked about you was your love for the Lord, even though you get sick, you still attend church and teach children, which was really inspiring to see. Second, you really love children, I remember that I asked the Lord for someone who loves children more than I do and I can see that trait in you, that’s why I appreciate you. And third, you always say, “Good morning!” even though sometimes, I tend to forget and not notice you, you always say that whenever we cross paths with each other.

But one summer, things started to change. You grew farther and farther from me when you said that you will think about things. I cried, the friendship that I held dear, all gone in an instant. Then, you initiate the silent treatment which really hurt me. I really thought we could be something, you know? I was actually praying for you in the Lord, and I kept on asking Him if you are the one. Now, I don’t know anymore because things have changed. You don’t even say good morning anymore. You don’t even talk to me anymore. It hurts but I think I need to accept that you’re gone. I hope you are doing fine and I’m praying that you are okay. If only you said good morning again.

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