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The hardest thing about letting go is not about abandoning the past, but rather giving up on an idea that you have always dreamt of.

Everything has its time and when things don’t work out the way it should, breathe. When you lose yourself in the middle of the road, take time to breathe. Love shouldn’t be rushed, it’ll only arrive when you are ready.

In a world full of hyperopia, be the 20/20. Why do people become reactive when they feel someone who truly cares for them slipping through their hands? Some people only see your worth when you’re already far away from them. Know this, you are much more worthy than other people think and you don’t need to tell them your worth cause when they truly love you, they will let you feel it. A person that really loves you doesn’t make you question yourself. When they make you feel that you’ve been taken for granted, ask yourself, is it right to continue?

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It is hard to let go but it will surely be worth it. Everything has a reason and every person you meet has a lesson. Time heals all, but it will first break your wall. Scars on your heart can make you wiser and stronger.

Letting go is not going to another place but finding yourself where you’ve once been forgotten. You cannot prevent your feet to walk towards dark places of sadness but you should bear in mind that you are only a tourist and must always remain one, you always have a choice.

You are destined to be more, you are not just someone’s option. Pray for it, sometimes God allows things to happen for us to be closer to Him. Travel more, spend time with your family and read books.

“Pain is like fabric: the stronger it is, the more it’s worth,” John Green, TFIOS.

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