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A key to a lasting relationship is having alone time by yourself. Sometimes in a relationship we don’t have to be so glutinous, let the person have a quality time to him or herself. Let her or him find a time to communicate with you, it’s not that you’re not important. it’s just that the person is investing his or her feelings inside just for you. A key to a lasting relationship is letting yourself long for the person because I believe that you need to miss out on each other, It’s okay if you’re feeling a little bit of sad just because you’re used to it. It’s okay to draw out some emotions but not too much that it could damage your relationship. Take time to ease your mind thinking that the person is doing something to improve him or herself, maybe doing some hobbies that they miss a long time.

Also, remember that you too have to spend your quality time alone, Writing some thoughts, watching movies, taking a walk outside, but remember to keep the person inside. Don’t think too much if the person doesn’t want to speak with you at that moment, maybe he or she’s lazy to reply. Don’t ever think that she’s fading her feelings or not, Don’t conclude too much. Don’t force your way out just to earn someone’s attention, rather, be patient enough so the person would talk to you. Understanding is also the key to emphasize one relationship. Think of the sides of both parties. It’s not that a person must always consider your feelings, consider your thoughts. I believe that having a good relationship requires a good communication, though too much communication can kill you because it can lead to obsession.

Sometimes you just got to take things slowly and find effort on how to sustain your relationship, don’t ever be calm just because someone already gave the motives to build a relationship, Taking a break from communication can arise to many misunderstandings, can also arise jealousy. But entering a relationships that you’re building yourself and the person that you love. You have to show your shadow side to that person. Earning fake i love you’s is easier than earning trust that will lead a clarity in one’s relationship. In order for the both party to progress. One needs a strong foundation and a lot of understanding.

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Having an alone time with yourself is not merely a selfish act, rather a reconciliation of your character, finding things that you love and with a partner, you could explore new things that you’ve never done before. It’s also good that you don’t have to focus too much on your partner, rather focusing on improving yourself even more, healing yourself in the process and not rushing stages with the person, it’s okay to grow together and acknowledging one’s mistakes because all will be worth it in time, the seed that you implanted to that person will be harvested in the right time


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