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Growing up especially during our teenage days, we were so eager to be a part of big groups, be with all kinds of circle we can think of and having that mindset that we’re “cool enough” if we are friends with everyone else.  We would join every organization and club available at school even the communities outside school.  I am not saying that it is not okay to be a part of those, in fact, it is indeed a big help towards one’s formation and development.  But in some cases, the intentions and manifestations are different and somehow careless. We become overwhelmed and most of the time, becoming bold, acting overfriendly and trying to please everyone.  It led us to put too much pressure towards ourselves.  Eventually losing one’s own identity along the way and apparently, associate our self-worth to the quantity of the circle that we belong.

The transition period plays a vital role though.  It is when adulthood and maturity hit us.  The time when we need to step up into the world as an adult and not as an adolescent anymore.  To get out of those comfort zones.  To face those real-life scenarios that suddenly and continuously emerge without prior notice.  And to our surprise, our plate was full already.  We, then, became confused on how to handle certain situations in the best possible ways.  Then realizations come.  A handful of those.  One of those valuable realizations is “who”. Who are those people who truly cares and matters to you? Who are those who sincerely know you and embrace you against all odds? Who are those who truly rejoice with your triumphs but share your lowest points as well? Who are those who stand by you and stick with you regardless of the failures and shortcomings that you had done? Who are those who genuinely influence you to be the best version of yourself? And the list goes on with this “who” realizations.  Your self-awareness is trying to get its way suddenly.

As cliché it may sound, but you appreciate more the value of someone not only during your “happy and successful times” but mostly during your “down and hard days”.  Then, you start to look more on the worth of your circle in terms of quality rather than quantity.  Don’t worry if you have only two or three persons or even just one in your circle as long as it is filled with authenticity.  There is a real beauty in there that you will truly appreciate and will stay permanently.  There are certain relationships that we outgrew with, not because we wanted to, but circumstances told us so.  Indeed, we meet someone for a reason, a season, or for a lifetime.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Do you ever have that certain feeling that you have a special connection with someone? Just like your heart and soul simply understand each other amidst of the circumstances?  Where you can be simply and unapologetically be you?  Or be vulnerable without fear of judgment and misconceptions? Where there is a room for improvements and self-realizations? It is one of those best feelings that you can have, right?  There are no dramas, no cover ups and no pretentions.  No sugar coating just to stay relevant and no continuously chasing for validation.  You have given that certain piece of yourself as well as the permission to hurt you but then, you had reached to that level of security, maturity, respect and trust that they won’t use it against you.

Not all the time you’ll meet this kind of circle, and you are fortunate enough if you are able to find a number of these.

I know that it is rare.  But isn’t it that those rare ones are the most worth it?

Treasure your small circle because they are one of your precious gems.

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