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I can resemble our love to a chess game, you resigned when I am about to move my next piece. Truly, your final move shatters me. I’m about to show you the best version but you left. How can I forget you, my first love. The man whom I first introduced to God. Whom I thought this is the one. The one who will prove that opposite attracts and actually work.

I was building my empire yet you are in the season of searching for job. I know your principle you cannot date someone when you can’t pay your own bills. So I waited and prayed. Honestly speaking, you are the first man I claimed to God and ask Him if can we be together. By the grace of God, you are one of my answered prayer. We both know that we are head to toe with each other. Despite the warnings of your family to not pursue me because they have fear about my personality. I am extrovert while you are introvert. Yet, we choose to pursue our season. My love language is giving of gifts and physical touch. Yours is undefined. However, I stayed because I know that woman first matures and soon men will.

Until, time came you lost your trust fades because the pattern always repeat itself. Consistency is unattained. Communication is forced. I’m the last in your priority list. The potential of our love story is predetermined. You stick to the thought that I am silently searching for a love better than what you can give. You thought that I am not sure of you. You believe to thoughts of your overthinking. No, it’s not. I’m building an empire to sustain the needs of my family and start establishing future plans with you.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Love, what happened to our love? You resigned. You choose not to fight. You left me. You abandoned me.


Now, how can you be happy without me? How can you pursue another woman when I am still hurting. For me it’s not over, I can still have the chance to make my best move. But you did not grant it.  I’m jealous about her. You provide her the things I didn’t experienced when we are together. How can you be happy without me?









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