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Have you ever been in a chaotic situation when darkness spreads vigorously from your nerves down through your veins? So big, it rapidly covers your heart when all your worries, heartaches, anxiety, stress, pressures, depression and pain attacks. And you, as a wicked person, both physically and emotionally drained know nothing but just want to shout it out and release them all at once.

Deadlines from your client’s proposal yung akala mong ok na tapos may last minute revisions pa pala. Or maybe your co worker made another stupid mistakes again that you and the entire team will get affected tsugi na naman kay boss malamang. Your hard earned money na excited kang makuha yun pala kukunin lang ni Judith. Judith sa kuryente, tubig, internet, cable, utang at iba pang fees. Your relationship na malabo pa sa poso negro na magkaayos pa. Yung thesis nyong bukas na ipapasa pero wala pa ring teamwork at cooperation from besties. Ang sakit sa ulo parang gusto mo na lang maglaho na parang bula diba?

Face it! We’re all human beings after all. You are not alone. Sabi nga sa bible, “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.”- Isaiah 43:2.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Here are some ways to help your mind clear and speak with purity.

1. Let’s shut down ourselves once in a while. Plug out, plug in and restart.

Yes beshies! Machineries at appliances nga nag breakdown tayo pa kaya? Dahil kapag hindi nakapagahinga iinit, sasabog and worst, masisira. Palamig ka muna beshy, go out for a minute or two. Sip a coffee, beer or milk tea to cool down. Listen to your favorite music. Try to play silly games on your own such as tongue twisters, make silly faces in the mirror, anything that will make you laugh. Then come back kapag medyo kalmado ka na.

2. Let the brain in charge. The function of your heart is to pump and circulate blood muna this time.

Wisdom is a powerful gift from God. By means of the Holy Spirit, understanding comes up. Alam natin ang tama sa mali. Pero bakit nagkakamali pa rin tayo? Dahil may mga desisyon tayong pinipilit mangyari kahit alam nating hindi naman talaga dapat. Dito nagsisimula magkagulo dahil madalas may mga nasasabi tayong hindi maganda at sa huli mo na lang ma realize na mali ka. This time, i set aside muna natin ang pusong marupok, paganahin muna ang utak bago ibenta online. Learn to shut up and think of ways and solutions to fix the problem.

3. Take a deep breath before you blow your horns.

Notice that musicians have to go through breathing exercises before they drop their notes. Kapag kinapos sa paghinga, pipiyok, mawawala sa tono. Timing lang beshies, ganon ka importante ang paghinga at pahinga. Breathe in the positive vibes, breathe out the negative once. Lagi mong isipin na lahat ng problema may solusyon. Sabi nga sa Colossians 4:6, “Let your speech always be gracious seasoned with salt so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.”

4. Don’t make decisions when your mad. Click replay, pause and play.

Figure out what went wrong. Set aside your emotions and let God handle the situation and consequences. You need other’s opinions to solve the issue, hindi mo kakayanin mag isa. Try to cope up with team, mahirap magdala ng excess luggage and suitcase beshy.  Play hard, pray harder.

5. Give yourself a “daily bread”.

Ofcourse nakakagutom kapag mainit na ulo mo pero hindi ito literal na bread beshy, wag masyado matakaw. It is important to feed our souls everyday. Always seek guidance from time to time. God’s words are powerful that everything can change. Read a bible verse, once a day can help a lot. Words of God are evenly spread through out everywhere even the social media, make it a habit and you’ll never realize how it can change your life. Your anger, weakness, irritability, rage will be controllable. And sooner, the darkness will fall down. Try to taste it beshy, i’m sure you’ll like it.

Beshy lahat tayo may pinagdadaanan sa buhay. Madalas nga nagsasabay pa lahat ng problema at talagang nakakaloka. Pero sabi nga ng bandang Southborder, “ there’s a rainbow always after the rain.” 😊

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