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Right now, I feel lonely.
I wish someone would share the thrills and despairs of my beating heart.

Loneliness is troubling me and it must be nice to have somebody who could truly get what I am going through.

I am convinced,
that I am not alone.

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Surely, there are others who feel the way that I do.
Come to think of it, there are billions of people in this world, at this lifetime.
Somewhere, someone also aches with the same pangs gnawing at my heart.

I feel lonely but I am not alone.

There are people who care for me, kindred spirits who feel happy when I visit them for the holidays.
When I smile, people still smile back, showing that they appreciate my presence.

I feel lonely but my Lord Jesus had also been through this.

Throngs of people followed Him, mobs rushed towards Him but they all came expecting from Him, rather than to bring Him delight.

Maybe one did “get” Him, had an inkling of the troubles and thrills of His heart..John the Baptist.
And even he was taken away, beheaded.

Christ was left by Himself, powerful yet using His power for the benefit of others rather than His own.

Oh how lonely, lonely, lonely His soul must have been.

I am not alone.

Feelings, like pendulum swings.

Trusting what I feel, moving according to what my heart tells me, is like fueling a wooden cart with gasoline.

Foolish and stupid.

I feel lonely.
Now, I could identify with those whose heart cries because no one is there to share what their heart feels.

I feel lonely.
But it does not mean I am helpless because I could always run to the One who could help me and give me the strength to rise above my challenges.

I do feel lonely.
Still, I don’t have to be paralyzed from loving others with purity and reckless abandon.

I am lonely but it is not my identity. I am more than this loneliness I feel.

And someday, in this lifetime, when these feelings subside because I stopped feeding them, ceased from nurturing them with self-pity and despair,
I will look back and see how far I have come.

One day, I will look up with overflowing gratitude at the One who has always been with me.

By then, I will see clearly and with anticipation the bright, and pleasant destiny that has been crafted just for me.

Then, I will remember, that though I have been lonely,
I never have been alone.

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