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To the girl I’m secretly in love with for a couple of years now, I always pray for you but I know that we’re both not ready for a commitment and we still need to grow and become a better person for each other. I witness all your hard work and how passionate you are when it comes to things that you love. I saw your great love and devotion to be a good actress in a theater play I know you’ll become one of the greatest theater actress  someday. I know we’re both not ready to take our relationship to another level and I know it’s not the right time to entertain love because we both busy pursuing our dreams but please don’t forget me while your reaching your dreams. You’re always on my mind and I don’t know if I would find a woman like you if I lose you now. I know we don’t talk a lot now but please don’t forget me, don’t include me with those memories you wanted to vanish. God knows how I desperately praying that you’re safe and you’re okay and you’re happy. I can’t keep anything to Him, He probably knows if we would end up together. Hindi ko man masabi sayo yung mga bagay na ‘to, alam ni Lord kung gaano ako umiiyak sa panalangin para sa ‘yo. Maybe this is not the right time for the both of us but I know that God has a great plan for the both of us and sana sa plano n’ya tayong dalawa pa rin sa dulo. Just remember I always love you and I will always cherish you not just the memories we spend together but the love between our hearts. I love you Sherla Mae.

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