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Not everyone who arrives is wrapped in sweet sentiments and packaged with good intentions.

For a long time, I sought forgiveness in others’ apologies and fought for closure in their farewells. Only to discover, painfully, that not everyone who is wrapped in the story tale pages with bows neatly knotted around them comes with good intentions, and not everyone comes well-rehearsed, then recites the words our hearts desperately crave. People can arrive as abruptly and unexpectedly as a morning shower on a sunny day, or they can leave as violently and quickly as 2 a.m. thunder. And this, perhaps, has been my most valuable lesson; learning to make peace even when some pieces are missing and learning to turn the page even when the chapter is still unfinished. I realized that my story does not need every full stop and comma nor bleed cohesion in order to become a stunningly magnificent tale worth reading, I am the author of this story, and I will choose where I will find forgiveness and how I will find closure. Everyone who enters, leaves, and stays in my life serves a purpose, and it is up to me to decide what lesson each of these encounters will teach me and how I will use them to grow.

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